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How One Mod Paris Apartment Does 'Nonconformist Style'

Don't expect to find any beige carpeting, vaguely floral bedspreads, or bolted-to-the-wall-art in this Paris vacation rental, because—for €392 a night (about $535)—this funky, highly curated apartment is just about as far removed from lifeless hotel interiors as possible. Offering one bedroom, the place is a painted a uniform white, which lets "nonconformist style" furnishings like a sleek, low- coffee table and benches, eclectic art finds, and—duh—a bright red dinosaur statue command the room. Though small, the white-tiled kitchen makes space for a marble-topped table, spare countertops, and a whimsical, bouquet-like light fixture. Indeed, described by the host as "all juxtapositions and humorous contrasts," the place definitely deserves a spot as one of the coolest vacation rentals out there—and with its Seine and Notre Dame views, it probably nabs a spot on the best rental views short list, as well. By all means, do have a look:

· Quai des Grands Augustins [One Fine Stay via Domaine]