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Pretty Painted Victorian, a Hurricane Survivor, Asks $399K

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Location: Galveston, Texas
Price: $399,000
The Skinny: Long before Hurricane Katrina there was the great Galveston hurricane of 1900, a monster storm that devastated what was then a rambunctious, quickly growing Texas port city, killing more than 8,000 people and leveling most of the town. Amazingly, there were some homes that avoided being pummeled into matchsticks by the storm, including this lovely Victorian home in the East End Historic District. Built in 1877 from a design by Nicholas Clayton, the Lovenberg House, as it's now known, boasts many of the original features beloved by Victoriana-philes everywhere, including pressed-tin ceilings, transom windows, and custom molding. Upstairs it gets a tad dicey, with the wood floors of the lower level giving way to wall-to-wall white carpet, but there's nothing here that a carpet knife and a pair of pliers can't fix. Outside, as the listing notes, the home "features unique double gallery porches with an open-gabled upper porch", and there's also a fully equipped garage apartment. The list price of $399K is about $4M less than a comparable Victorian in San Francisco would be asking, which proves once again that location is everything.

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