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Hunker Down in this 'Luxury Survival Bunker' for $11.5M

The end of days some folks read into the Mayan calendar may have passed without incident, but the work of a prepper is never done. If you'd rather have an experienced hand do your doomsday preparedness for you, consider this 4,200-square-foot home in Yellow Jacket, Colo. The unassuming facade may not rate it among the chicest abodes that disaster-ready architecture has to offer, but the $11.5M this place asks gets you self-sufficient amenities out the wazoo. The reinforced concrete and steel walls are "nuclear rated," and the compound comes with an 100-foot radio tower, a helicopter pad on grounds, a seven-stage water filtration setup, and four separate power systems, including a solar array and a wind turbine, as well as propane and gas generators as a last resort. (Not to worry, though. "In 10 years," the listing boasts, "power has not been dropped.") The interior looks surprisingly livable, if you don't mind the intrusive metal air ducts running throughout, which are unsurprisingly designed to close off at the extremities "in the event of dirty air i.e. biological hit, CS gas etc." If you're not ready to put down that kind of cash on doomsday prognostication, the place kindly offers to take in you and your kin for 19.5K a month per head in the event of a disaster. Scroll below for a closer look at the very apex of prepper porn:

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