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Wade Through Knickknacks in This Bonkers Swedish Cottage

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While the motherland of Ikea has many stylishly minimalist homes to offer, this Falköping, Sweden cottage—on the market for about $107K—is absolutely not one of them. Sure, from the outside the 1937 home looks rather modest and quaint, but interior shots show what might just be the most clutter-filled 958 square feet in all of Sweden. To name just a few of the oddball collections on display in this cramped abode, there seems to be a distinct penchant for stuffed animals, off-season holiday decorations, and unconvincing fake flowers. The most horrifying troll statue of all time also makes an appearance in more than one listing photo, as does a small mountain of liquor bottles (not unlike those one might find in a quaint Swedish frat house). According to the brokerbabble, there are two bedrooms and well-maintained hardwood floors buried deep, so do keep an eye out for them:

· Idrottsgatan 25, Falköping, Sweden [Svensk Fastighetsförmedling viaHooked On Houses]