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Tour Silver Screen Architecture... Through These Posters

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If ever there was a cuter tribute to architecture in film, we haven't seen it: from the Vandamm House of North By Northwest fame to the Lautner-designed home featured in The Big Lebowski, Italian architect Federico Babina's latest foray into graphic design does a great job of highlighting some of the most notable buildings ever to grace the silver screen. As with Babina's previous pet project, a series of pixellated portraits of starchitects like Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, Archicine is both a charming exercise in design appreciation and an effective reminder of how much more you could be doing with your free time.

The series also touches on some lesser-known intersections of great design and great filmmaking, including the Lovell House, as seen in L.A. Confidential, the seaside abode from Moonrise Kingdom, and even Luke Skywalker's boyhood home. No word yet on how you can purchase one of your own, not that it'll do much to stop a film buff with access to a large color printer. Check out a few of the high points below:

· ARCHICINE: Illustrations of Architecture in Film [Arch Daily via Flavorwire]