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20 Exorbitant Indoor Pools On the Market in Russia Now

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Oh sweetest, dearest Mother Russia! How well you've nurtured the ridiculous mansions of your most indulgent citizens—be they those with affinities for historic "Gothic Halls," "food elevators," or cloying Christmas decor. Still, there's nothing quite so beloved in the suburbs of Moscow or St. Petersburg as an eight-figure listing with an in-house "Russian bath"—a.k.a. a tiled pool, oft with frescoes and/or classical columns. Seriously, they're everywhere. What's more, most boast at least one of the following: flat-screen TVs, paintings of naked men, fake (oft starry) skies, or candelabras. The option above is one of the rarer, classier pools of the collection, plucked from the listing photos of a $20M four-bedroom that lies nine miles from Moscow. Interested in a browse? Have a look at 19 more, culled with help from the mansion-obsessed real estate blog Homes of the Rich, below.

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