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Inside the Sherbet-Colored Walls of Google's Madrid HQ

Since Google has built something of a reputation for seriously over-the-top—even furry—office spaces, it comes as no surprise their latest HQ makeover in Madrid is jam-packed with style and heavy on bold pops of color. London-based architecture practice Jump Studios—whose previous projects include one very boozy Guinness submarine—used a series of highly sustainable timber arches and partial walls to outfit the two-story office, which is meant to reflect traditional Spanish architecture. Still, even with its sunset-colored walls and funky green chairs, this office manages to feel a bit more toned down than other (highly ridiculous) Google buildings, with a heavy emphasis put on fostering a "higher degree of flexibility and functionality." Lest anyone worry that the Spain-based folks aren't having as much fun as the Google employees stationed in other corners of the world, though—since this is seemingly the first of the tech giant's offices to include, uh, desks—the space also includes game rooms and what looks to be one very well-stocked wet bar. By all means, do take a look.

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