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See a Daniel Libeskind Building Swallowed by a Walmart

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When the looming environmental collapse is finally upon us, and the failure of our governing institutions pits neighbor against neighbor in a desperate bid for survival, who, oh who, will think of the starchitects? In a series entitled Contemporary Futures, one Photoshop-savvy Design Boom reader imagines the effects of just such a fate on some of the world's most iconic buildings, and the results aren't pretty, unless we're talking the disaster porn kind of pretty. In this not-too-far-fetched vision of the future, corporate giants are the final custodians of our architectural heritage: Denver's Daniel Libeskind-designed art museum (above) has fallen into the hands of Walmart (much to the glee, no doubt, of the architect's many foes), Bernard Tschumi's Folies du Parc de la Villette has been turned into another architecturally significant gas station, and Dominique Perrault's BNF building went into its death throes as a decrepit Vegas-style casino.

Glimpse a couple of shots below (bastardized versions of Zaha Hadid's Riverside Museum in Scotland and Jakob+MacFarlane's neon orange cube in France), and for the full series of dystopian makeovers, refreshing irreverence by way of farcical corporate encroachment, head over to Design Boom.

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