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Tour HGTV-Pedigreed Digs of Design Blogger 'A Cup of Jo'

Photos via Cup of Jo

For the living room of lifestyle blogger Joanna Goddard—her A Cup of Jo chronicles the beautifully photographed minutiae of NYC living—the math just makes sense: take a stylishly twee blogger, pair her with a stylishly twee HGTV Design Star and get a stylishly twee home makeover, one replete with clean midcentury shapes, pops of lemon yellow and robin's egg blue, and a fastidious amount of well-cultivated clutter. All of the essentials are there: cutesy wooden candle holders (retro and from Etsy, of course), a framed Union Jack, a hanging plant, an off-kilter rug, and a smattering of perfectly placed (and refolded) Times sections. With all of its curated odds and ends, the space, spotted recently over at Domaine, is rather impeccably done by HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson.

↑ The living room's TV and art wall feature Beatles and Rolling Stones images, plus a New York print and a few abstract paintings. "Although they're not family photos, the prints feel so personal," Goddard writes.

↑ "I explained that our top priority was for things to feel comfortable—like a soft rug for playing with toys, and cozy chairs for watching movies and chatting with friends," Goddard writes. "And [Henderson] totally gave us that—the sofa is comfy enough for naps, the chairs are super soft and ergonomic, and walking on the rug feels like a foot massage." See the full space over at A Cup of Jo, and check out another of Henderson's recent projects—Country Living's 2012 House of the Year—right this way.

· Home Makeover: Our Living and Dining Room [A Cup of Jo via Domaine]