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Have a Glittery Unicorn Sleepover at the Girliest House Ever

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While not officially one of Barbie's many abodes, this eye-poppingly girly house in England just might be one of the most intensely fuchsia structures on the planet—more so than even its worthiest competitors. Amy—the owner of the fuchsia manse—moved out to the English countryside about three years ago to build her dream home, and now lives full-time within its candy-colored walls. "I've always been a bit different," she recently told BuzzFeed, "Even as a child, my bedroom was bright pink. So when I moved to a bigger house, I decided to do the whole place up exactly as I always wanted my house to look." A good deal more pleasing than other monochromatic homes, some of the place's best features—all hand-crafted by Amy—include a unicorn-graced garden, pink glitter-covered walls, and a dreamy plush velveteen bedroom, outfitted in gold trim. Occasionally she'll rent the spot out for fashion shoots or to large groups—a weekend costs around £2,500 (or $4,083)—and the home has even housed a celebrity or two. "It's intriguing, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling: a rainbow of infectious inspiration," per the home's official site, "an escape to a uniquely different world." Do have a look:

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