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NYC's Own Taxidermy House Brags 350 Species, $1M Ask

Wonder of wonders! Move aside Texas, Illinois, and California, New York finally has its very own crazy taxidermy listing, and this ramshackle two-bedroom is so crammed with stuffed wildlife (and not the hauntingly beautiful kind, either) that, on any given Brooklyn street, if one is very very quiet, one can hear the silent screams of some 350 species of fauna coming from the direction of Borough Park. Listed for $995K, the place currently serves as a "museum" owned by Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, who justified his taxidermic frenzy by claiming he has every animal mentioned in the Torah on display. His motto? "If you touch history, it touches you." +10 creep bonus. Curbed NY has photos and oh my can you hardly contain your excitement or what?

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