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Très Mignon Paris House Asks Just $113 a Night on Airbnb

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As the crazed popularity of micro homes continues to mount, it seems like tiny dwelling have started popping up all over the place—including in Paris, where this very tiny offering is available to rent for $113 a night on Airbnb. The aptly-named Doll House stands independently amongst four buildings—looking rather adorably out of place. It measures 215 square feet, making just enough room for a bedroom, living area, and almost-but-not-quite kitchen area (with seemingly no refrigerator?). And while the decor is rather spare—albeit with some surprising periwinkle walls—this place totally deserves to join the ranks of the petite homes-away-from-home available for travelers. Find a few more pictures below, or check out the full gallery over at Tiny House Talk.

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