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$9.75M Townhouse Brags Scarlet Stairs and a Face Chair

For those with a taste for decadent NYC townhouses (everyone) and super-wacky interiors (uh, less people) here's an ever-so-slightly PriceChopped apartment that's back on the market for $9.75M, down from $10M back in 2011. First spotted by the folks over at Curbed NY and designed by Clarence True—an NYC architect who was a big deal at the turn-of-the-century—the 6,100 square-foot home boasts five bedrooms, three floors, and six working fireplaces—all of which which have been renovated to reflect an "uncommon blend of elegant original detail with modern style and convenience." The main floor makes way for the Beaux Arts-style home's formal parlor, which is made up of intricately detailed Tiger Oak columns and elegant 18th century marble mantles and crown molding, along with a sleek, rather modern kitchen. Upstairs, there's the sadly un-pictured master bedroom, though if it's any bit as cool as its badass mirrored dressing room it must be worth every penny. Other notables include a bizarre face-shaped chair, funky orange candelabra, and scarlet stairs. By all means, do have a look:

· 68 W 87th St, New York, NY [Zillow]
· Two Clarence True-Designed Townhouses Compete for Buyers [Curbed NY]