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Reexamine NYC With These 'Inception-Like' Cityscapes

After falling hard for NYC during a three-day visit, Oregon-based photographer Brad Sloan set to work manipulating his new favorite city into mirrored Inception-like landscapes, meant to help the viewer experience the city's enormous, geometric design from a new perspective. Indeed Sloan's warped, monochromatic work—reminiscent of other artists' attempts to capture architectural feats—takes New York's skyline and hulks it on top of itself, creating seamless, alien-like creations. Famous structures like the Empire State Building and St. Patrick's Cathedral, for example now point inwards at each other and overlap into foreign shapes. Says My Modern Met, "The angular, reflective, and soaring architecture alone offers a sense of the city, but Sloan's artistic renderings present something beyond the norm." Find a few more images below, then head over to My Modern Met for the full gallery.

· Spectacular Inception-Like Cityscapes by Brad Sloan [My Modern Met]