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This School Proves It's Never Too Early For Postmodernism

Will we look back on 2013 as the year of the playfully skewed façade? First there was the half-fallen face of this dilapidated house in the UK, then a neglected London building got flipped on its head, and now, there's the tilted exterior of this Bulgarian kindergarten, which slopes downward with the natural fall of the land, while the other side wraps itself around the pitched roof of the structure. As it continues into the ground, the side of the place gives the uncanny impression that the rest of the structure is down there, just waiting to be excavated. Out back, the school splits into two structures, one yellow and one red, each clad in corrugated sheets of metal tiles. Part of a larger international trend toward architecturally crazy schools, this one is worthwhile not only for the whimsy factor, but also because it's never too early to present your kids with an object lesson in postmodern architecture. More photos, below:

· Conveyer Angles Sloping Facade in Kindergarten Kita Bulgaria [Designboom]