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Earth Tones Never Looked Better Than in the 'House of Dust'

Like wearing two kinds of plaid or sandals with socks, doing a house up entirely in earth tones would be pretty ill-advised 99 percent of the time, but in the right hands the effect can be nothing short of arresting. Enter House of Dust, the latest project from Italian architect Antonino Cardillo, which manages to make good on the promise of its less-than-promising name in rather handsome fashion. With upper walls and ceilings of rough-grain plaster, and nearly everything surface a different shade of dusty brown, the house takes on a cool ochre glow when sunlight mixes with the pink lighting installed throughout.

As if pulling off dust-themed interiors weren't enough, Cardillo also rendered a nice bit of verse to explain the project. "In this house," he writes, "classical orders / and golden proportions celebrate dust: / angels and choirs have abandoned heaven, / and heaven has adorned itself with earth." While we haven't taken the time to make sure that the golden ratio informs the entirety of the place, the effect of the color scheme alone is pretty heavenly. Head over to Design Boom for more photos.

· antonino cardillo constructs the house of dust in rome [Designboom]