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Daryl Hall Asks $1.9M for Lovely Restored Colonial in Maine

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Location: Kittery Point, Maine
Price: $1,900,000
The Skinny: While the exact age of Maine's scenic John Bray House may be in question (it dates anywhere from 1662 to the 1740s, depending on who you ask) two facts about the home are well-established. It's a wonderful old home, and its current owner is yacht rock legend Daryl Hall, who bought and restored the rambling historic spread in 2007. Seems the mulleted one owns a variety of historic homes on both sides of the pond, often buying the properties to save them from demolition, as he did with the Bray House. And it's clear he takes it all seriously: speaking with a local website about his purchase of the sea-front home, the rocker was quoted as saying "I'm really good at the research on antique architecture—when something comes off I know what's wrong with it, what's right with it. I retain it all." Though Hall has extensively renovated the home, he's asking only $100K over his original purchase price, pegging the listing at $1.9M.

· 100 Pepperrell Rd. [Zillow]
· 100 Pepperrell Rd. [Sotheby's International]