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Spinlister, the AirBnB of Gear, is Coming to a Ski Town Near You

Spinlister, a Los Angeles-based startup that began with peer-to-peer bike sharing, has now moved into the snow world. The company allows users to rent gear from individuals around the world and as of this fall they had about 2,000 bikes available for rent online. It's a cool idea, like AirBnB for gear, and there's even a nifty app that allows you to find, reserve, and even pay for your ride. The catch? There aren't tons of ski or snowboard listings and ski towns are only marginally represented at the moment. In one listing from Vail, a man (and his dog) is offering a Burton Freebird 162 splitboard for $50 a day, but Curbed Ski can't help but wonder how gear survives when renters take it on the mountain. Rent out an old pair of 90s groomer skis sure, but the custom Igneous pow planks are staying locked up. What do you think Curbediverse? Would you rent or list your snow gear? We're listening in the comments, or here.