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Creepy Manse Still Houses Half-Filled Glasses, Dirty Clothes

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While there are plenty of compelling abandoned structures out there—and probably twice as many artists inspired by their eery beauty—something about this so-called Round Mansion in west Belgium seems especially haunting. Perhaps its the fact that—despite the place having been uninhabited since the early 1990s—the interiors look like the family could have just up and left, leaving behind the better part of their possessions. Indeed in these photographs snapped by London-based urban explorer (cool, right?) Andre Govia, half-filled wine glasses, dirty clothes, and kids toys litter the grand mantle pieces and ornate window sills.

Actually, if not for the peeling wallpaper and next-level grime, the house wouldn't look all that abandoned. Govia, it seems, was drawn to both this quality and the flat out decadence of the place. "This particular building made me feel on edge and so there was no time to relax when I was inside," says the explorer. "The most interesting part for me was the sheer size of the mansion. I couldn't believe the nine bedrooms and large rooms were used by just the one family who lived here." Daily Mail has more photos, right this way.

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