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This Mod, Glass-Sided Beauty is an Exhibitionist's Dream

Plunked in Rio de Janeiro—a veritable breeding ground funky modern spreads—and built by Brazil-based architect Carla Juaçaba, this sleek little abode was built for the granddaughter of another famed Brazilian architect—eccentric-design-loving Sergio Bernardes. Indeed, this so-called House Varanda was inspired by a 1950-built home by Bernardes, emulating the original rippled roof. The rest of the home is swathed in glass, with two parallel transparent walls running the length of the home—all to let inhabitants' "vision [go] beyond the house."

Two bedrooms cap either side of the place, but perhaps the coolest aspect of the home is the sprawling middle living area. Upon sliding open the doors, the space turns into something of an indoor/outdoor terrace, which is apparently "the most important place of socializing," in Brazilian culture. A skylight further opens up the home, while a steel structure—built in just 15 days and lifted about three feet off the ground to protect the house against flooding—serves as structure's skeleton. The architect insists that "what brings intimacy to that glasshouse is the immersion in nature," but still, in the case of wandering nature enthusiasts, this is probably the sort of house that should come with a bathrobe or two. Arch Daily has more photos, right this way.

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