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Rejoice, That Nutso MacKenzie-Childs Manse Finally Sold

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Located on Cayuga Lake in upstate New York's Finger Lakes region, the madness that is the MacKenzie-Childs estate has, according to a tip from Sotheby's Realty, finally found a buyer. While the exact sale price has yet to be released, the 42-acre property belonging to Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs—founders of the famed decor brand—was listed for $1.1M back in the summer of 2011, and most recently asked a PriceChopped $975K. The couple first bought the 1970-built estate—which boasts a 4,280-square-foot, seven-bedroom main house and 2,300-square-foot carriage house—in 1983, which has given them ample time to custom decorate the place within an inch of its life. What's more, the oddball decor was touted as a major selling point, and an added bonus that could be negotiated into the sale. In what must come as a bit of a blow, though, the anonymous buyer—teased as a "celebrity" in the Sotheby's press release—declined to snap up the decor contents. Surprise surprise.

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