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Go Ahead, Take a Peek at Google's $82M Private Jet Facility

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Not content to continually out-weird itself when it comes to office design—we're talking walls of blue hair and indoor orange grove levels of wackadoo—Google will soon be using a private airport terminal to transport executives to and from its various unsubtle HQs. Breaking ground in January, this $82M addition to the San José International Airport will house and service the personal aircraft of Google higher-ups, as well as those of other deep-pocketed Silicon Valley clients, including Hewlett Packard. The 29-acre facility, contracted by private aviation firm Signature Flight Support, will feature an executive terminal, hangars, aircraft servicing facilities, and its very own green wall, whose assorted flora will likely grow twice as fast from constant exposure to the radiant auras of so many besuited type-A go-getters.

Designed by Gensler Architects, the 270,000-square-foot LEED-gold-certified facility will also look a lot more inviting than the stern, austere airports of your travel nightmares, with a huge latticed canopy shading an outdoor lounge and a minimal, preeminently chic executive terminal. If you feel a fit of jealousy coming on—which would be understandable, especially during the holiday season, when everyone's worst airport memories get dredged up once again—remember that the project will open up 150 to 200 construction jobs, and provide the San Jose airport with $2.6M in annual rent. If you still feel at all resentful at the idea of Silicon Valley execs getting their own airport terminal, remember who you have to blame for the phenomenon: Jay Z and Ashton Kutcher, for not getting "Uber for planes" off the ground.

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