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This Severe-Looking Melbourne Mansion 'Transcends Time'

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"There are houses that are of their time and then there are houses that will transcend their time," expounds the listing for this raw concrete grid in the wealthy Melbourne suburb of Toorak, whose author was moved enough by its stoic appeal to turn a real estate ad into a treatise on residential design. We wouldn't go so far as to call it timeless, but with a façade punctured by thick vertical slabs and a ground floor clad in sheeted bronze, the place is a welcome departure from the glass-and-gloss look of your average contemporary mansion. This 13,000-square-foot, five-bedroom abode was designed by Jolson Architecture and Interiors, whose head, Stephen Jolson, described it as "a complex and rigorous project that has both scale and attention to detail." When it comes to the interior, which wholly abandons the wannabe-brutalist vibe of the outside, said details include white oak flooring, bathrooms and kitchens of white marble, and a few expansive atriums that balance out the fortresslike feel of the home with some much-needed openness. With a 65-foot indoor pool, a billiards-equipped rumpus room, and a gym of "resort-level appointment," it should come as no surprise that the place is price on request. Here, have a look:

· 20 Linlithgow Road [Sotheby's International]