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Gaudy Chateaux and the Stirring Commentary They Inspire

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There's nothing quite like an exceptionally tacky chateau (or Daniel Libeskind rendering, for that matter) to get the poetic extracts surging and the Curbed commenters inflamed. Luckily, 2013 was a year replete with tassled interiors, faux frescoes, and Roman columns, an epoch rife with cornices and gilded china cabinets—an era that (let's hope) may not be repeated. Below, the 10 most effusive homes on the market, and the beautifully cutting words they emboldened.

↑ "If Jeff Koons and Sadam Hussein collaborated on a Holiday Inn, you'd get this shitmess." [link]

↑ "Bit over the top, but I do like the 3 urinals in the entry lobby." [link]

↑ "Tony Montana, your house is ready." [link]

↑ "There are some pretty amusing comments on another site which also profiled this home. 'Senior citizen orgy place' was commonly mentioned. 70 security cameras? Why? Not a standard family home, is it?" [link]

↑ "A steaming pile of NO." [link]

↑ "adorbs" [link]

↑ "I like the basketball court, but wouldn't the ball hit those chandeliers?" [link]

↑ "Someone must have held a seance; summoned Liberace from the dead; and turned him loose on the interior decoration." [link]

↑ "DRAPES !" [link]

↑ "Clearly he's an MFA candidate majoring in performance art. Great project!" [link]

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