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Please Oh Please Let This Prison Restaurant Exist by Feb. 14

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Considering Polish designer Karina Wiciak has already dreamed up such fantasy eateries as a splattered paint can pub and the slightly less-charming meat-locker restaurant, it was only a matter of time before the she dabbled in prison design motifs, and indeed her Poczekalnia—which means "waiting room" in Polish—has splashed onto the digital pages of Dezeen. While the place is just a rendering—one of Wiciak's twelve "thematic interior designs"—every detail holds fast to the jailhouse vision, including jumpsuit-hued orange curtains, cuff-and-key light fixtures, and—duh—bars on all the windows. The chairs and tables in this concept restaurant emulate prison fencing, as does the barred bar (get it?) and prison-cell tables—perhaps reserved for bad tippers. The walls are painted an industrial white, which off-sets the black and gray furnishings and the coiled orange ropes slung out the windows as if to offer an "escape route" for diners. So yeah, in case the most romantic restaurants in the world are all booked up, this is pretty much the ideal Valentine's Day spot, presuming, of course, it actually gets built. Find a few more renderings below, then head to Dezeen for the full series.

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