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Are These Officially the Season's Best Gingerbread Buildings?

OK, OK, OK, sure the season for making Christmas bread made into buildings has officially closed, but let's take one last parting look at holiday cookie architecture by way of Architizer's super impressive gingerbread competition entries. Sure, this year has already wrought a cloying dose of sugary monoliths—gingerbread Zaha Hadid design, anyone?—but this batch is particularly, well, starchitecture-inspired. Case in point: the first place prize went to the three architecture students called the Aarhus Group, whose interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim museum (↑) "let the gingerbread house style meet the sophisticated and modern masterpiece of Lloyd Wright." While the judges gave this entry top billing—the sugar-spun glass roof clearly clinched the deal—they also doled out awards to an icing covered replica of Zaha Hadid's Bergisel Ski Jump and a wafer clapboard-sided Gropius House. As is the case with all edible architecture, seeing is kind of better than tasting, so take a look at the creations below.

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