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Inside Designer Erin Fetherston's Crystal-Filled NYC Loft

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It comes as little surprise that fashion designer Erin Fetherston—she of floaty party dresses and other thoroughly pretty accoutermentl—would design her home with the same soft, feminine aesthetic she employs for her runway collections. Indeed, Domaine just highlighted of the San Francisco-native's NYC loft—one of the home site's many quasi-celebrity home takeovers—and got a peek into the antique-laden pad.

Pronouncing the home's "vibe" to be just a "touch of color," the interior's palette is subtle—with soft olive walls, cream-colored curtains, and matching bone-colored linen chairs and couches. Delicate pops of color come from the fresh pink roses and cherry blossoms (super girly details rule, here), gilt antique finds like a gilt birdcage and end table, and chunky crystal tabletop decor. The home's standout features, though, are clearly the hanging candle chandelier—wound with delicate flowering vines—and what appears to be, um, a faux sheep hanging out amidst the otherwise very refined decor. Find a few more shots below, then head over to Domaine to peek inside other homes of fashion's elite.

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