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Peek at the Spine-Tingling Dwellings of the Brothers Grimm

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Thanks to a childhood spent in a small, heavily-wooded town, German photographer Kilian Schoenberger has been able to make a name for himself shooting creepy, highly atmospheric photographs of rural European landscapes dotted with "dark homes you hope are abandoned." Called Brothers Grimm's Homeland, the series is inspired by the fairy tales of the (also German) Brothers Grimm and aims to capture the dwellings—including a sinister Victorian-style church and a derelict, moss-covered cottage—amidst gnarled trees and rolling fog. Much like the many other photographers out there with a taste for the abandoned spaces—particularly when they're tinged with a healthy dose of horror—the result, as My Modern Met puts it, "evokes the eerie feeling of the quiet before the fright, when every nerve is on edge waiting for the snap of a twig to echo through the trees."

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