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Spend a Stellar Holiday in this UFO-Inspired Tiny Home

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Tiny homes: every time you think you've gotten your fill of ogling a transcendently cozy nook, the next one pops into view, humblebragging about its abject paucity of square footage—and, well, here we are all over again. That said, there has never ever been anything more transcendently cozy-looking on god's green earth than this UFO-inspired house on stilts, called the Ufogel. Look at it there, manipulating your love for uniform interiors of unfinished wood, looking charmingly out-of-place in the Austrian countryside, boasting only 485 square feet of floorspace. But wait, the dining room actually fits eight, and the bedroom four, and can't you just imagine it? You and your beautiful friends renting the place for a night—$165—on a trip through Europe, bumping into each other all evening with goofy grins on your faces, in a setup ripe for sitcom-worthy hijinks? With a wood-burning stove heating the place, a two-burner cooktop, and a full-sized bathroom and shower, you'll have everything you need for a carefree holiday; everything you could ever need, really. Have a look below, but don't say we didn't warn you:

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