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Come, Let's Look Back at the Crazy Crap Ikea Did in 2013

When you're a megabrand responsible not only for revolutionizing the furniture biz, but also rethinking store layouts (a maze, please!) and offering—oh yes—gravy-covered Swedish sustenance to your shoppers; when you're founder is a semi-crazed penny-pincher, your constituents a hoard of haters, and your customer experience the stuff of arguments and matrimony alike, you're bound to be a retailer that's always up to something. Ikea? A choppy sea of crazy crap. Crazy crap on gondolas, crazy crap atop loofah handles, crazy crap involving monkeys in winter coats, crazy crap in dominatrix outfits—the list goes on. Below, the strange things the brand has dreamt up—and in 2013 alone.

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