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Transforming a Victorian Post Office Into a Modern Flat

Tasked with converting an old Victorian post office into an apartment commensurate with its owner's "taste for Russian political art," the firm 1508 London devised this rather raw and formidable abode. Bunching smaller rooms at one end of the apartment opened up space for a double-height living room, to which sections of the second floor can be opened up via perforated concrete shutters. With the main space closed off, these rooms are probably a bit lacking in natural light, which might raise a few eyebrows, but a design based on a "powerful singular form" and Soviet-era expression could be forgiven for being a tad irrational when it comes to livability. Whether that strikes you as comfortable or cave-like, on the whole, the place does pull off "warm and impactful" rather effectively. Check it out below:

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