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A First Glimpse at the Spherical Floating Garden of the Future

It may not be as expansive as some modern biodomes, but this semi-submersible live-in laboratory looks like a home fit for a modern Jacques Cousteau, albeit one more concerned with lowering greenhouse gasses than documenting the creatures of the deep. Selected as a finalist for the 2013 Architizer A+ Awards, Bloom is designed to cultivate carbon dioxide-reducing phytoplankton farms while providing a platform for the experiments of a permanent staff of researchers and marine biologists. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the design, by France's Sitbon Architects, looks just as surreal and serene as the nicest abodes waterbound living has to offer.
Along with the goal of responding to the causes of global warming and the effect it has of raising sea levels, Bloom was also designed with the more present concern of detecting impending tsunamis by measuring minute changes in the surrounding ocean. It's unclear what the pod would do to protect itself against the bumpy ride brought on by such an event, but the plan has it tethered to the seabed by a series of cables. As to amenities, the drinking-water filtration system included in the plan also affords for an on-board swimming pool.

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