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Walk On the Ceiling With 180-Degree Church Panoramas

Using at least six photos edited into one composite image, photographer Richard Silver offers a church view quite different than even the most ambitious church-obsessed photographers. Entitled Vertical Churches, Silver's panoramas mimic the 180-degree view one might get from lying down directly in the center of one of these cathedrals—which is probably frowned upon—and aim to highlight the "magnitude and height of the meticulously designed spaces." Indeed, every ornately painted ceiling and delicate molding takes on an almost otherworldly feeling in Silver's dizzying ceiling-on-the-ground shots in a way that urges viewers the re-see the structures' intricate details. "By sharing my perspective with others," explains Silver, "I aim not only to present a photograph but also a lens into my feelings and outlook in a particular moment." Another (very tall!) shot below, and My Modern Met has the full gallery, right this way.

· New Vertical Panoramas of Churches by Richard Silver [My Modern Met]