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Gingerbread Goes Mod as Odes to Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha

Photos via My Modern Met

Breaking away from the gingerbread architect mold (one populated almost exclusively by those all-too-excited to pour on things like 2,240 pounds of icing and 85 pounds of cookie and candy) artist Henry Hargreaves, along with stylist Caitlin Levin, went for a much more pared-back approach, emulating not Victorian homes or Christmas villages, but rather some of the most modern, well-known buildings of the last century. On the docket: Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum (above) as well as I.M. Pei's addition to the Louvre and Zaha Hadid's National Museum of the 21st Century Arts. The duo took on the project in cahoots with Dylan's Candy Bar, which spurred the construction as part of its display at the Art Basel winter festival in Miami. The materials? Hard candy as glass, chewing gum as brick, and sheet upon sheet of Hershey's chocolate for walls. Have a look, below.

My Modern Met has more photos.

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