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Peeking in on Notable, Famous Brits in Their Favorite Rooms

A book must have an incredibly wide appeal to pull a coup in the world of Anglophilic coffee-table curation while also engaging the Tumblr crowd—or at least include a portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch, the Internet's favorite Englishman, poring over an old tome in an elegant British reading room. Photographer Derry Moore pulled the latter in his series An English Room, which situates a number of notable Brits in their favorite interiors and has them expound upon the places' most salient qualities. Speaking about the library at the Garrick Club in London, Cumberbatch notes the "special thrill" of handling nice editions of classic plays in an "oasis of quiet," but for our purposes, it's enough to note how situating the actor in such a handsome, storied space ups his already sky-high dapper quotient. Among the rest of Moore's portraits, highlights include actor and comedian Stephen Fry in his dressing room at London's Apollo Theater ("I'm a huge nester"), and designer Paul Smith surveying the sources of inspiration he keeps in his beautiful, incredibly cluttered London studio. Here, take a look:

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