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23 Ominous Shots From the 'Architecture of Doom' Tumblr

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Though it may have started out as a humble Tumblr devoted to Brutalist architecture porn, Architecture of Doom has since flourished as a hot-spot for empty or dying architecture. While the themes that stoked the inspiratory flames at the site's start (namely a certain Soviet-era concrete desolation) are still, some 16,000 posts later, very much the main muse, nowadays, the blog leaves no 20th-century architectural mind untouched—even the heralded works of Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, and Richard Meier have gotten the black-and-white, doom-and-gloom photographic treatment, and that's just the beginning. Many, like the above shot of an empty kindergarten in Pyongyang, North Korea, straddle the line between capturing a nostalgic former grandeur and dredging memories of an age bleak and heavy with utilitarianism. Anyway, 22 more snagged shots, below:

↑ Tokyo's Kenzo Tange-designed Olivetti Complex, 1972. [link]

↑ Apartments at 2440 Boston Road in NYC's Bronx, 1973 [link]

↑ Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation in Marseilles, France. [link]

↑ Vienna's Moller House, 1928. [link]

↑ Eero Saarinen's terminal at the JFK airport, what will soon be a swanky hotel. [link]

↑ A tower built in the last decades of the U.S.S.R. [link]

↑ A water tower at the Naval Academy at Mürwik in Germany. [link]

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