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This Portland Cabin is Made from Upcycled Trader Joe's Bags

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In what sounds like a Portlandia sketch, or rather, this spoof of a Portlandia sketch, tiny home enthusiast Phoenix and her family are worried that micro dwellings—which are currently taking over the planet—have (gasp!) sold out. "Most of the tiny houses out there are mini-McMansions," she says of the highly functional, mass marketable homes garnering buzz. "This whole [tiny home] movement is about originality and creativity." Her own tiny home? Made almost entirely from repurposed materials.

Instead of going the totally boring, played-out route with drywall, wallpaper, and industrial metal siding, the family instead used pinto bean sacks to construct the interior walls, Trader Joe's shopping bags as wall covering, and hammered tin cans from a local pizza shop for the exterior. Some of the more decorative details include a porch swing made from an old Dairy Queen bench, flower boxes made from old stove hoods, and (ok, this one is actually pretty cool) a secret wine and champagne caddy that pops out of the crawl space. Here's the video tour:

The Video:

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