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Froufrou Nashville Mock-Med Wants $14.9M, Wants It Now

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Built all the way back to 2008—so like, forever ago—this totally chichi, utterly froufrou, resplendently rococo piece of aspirationally old-looking Mediterranean Revival architecture really wants someone to buy it for $14.9M. But what has it ever done in its short life to deserve such a staggering sum? Look pretty, lounging there on two well-manicured acres, with a 16,000-square-foot interior filled with ornate marble flooring, coffered ceilings, and many an embellished cornice? And does it think we just fell off the turnip cart yesterday, that we wouldn't notice how close $14.9M is to $15M? Things to envy about the next owner of this comely eight-bedroom palace, in no particular order: formal gardens, a spa-equipped pool, a billiards room with a fireplace, a home office with a fireplace, the Sisyphean task of meaningfully curating a 10,000-bottle wine cellar. Have a look below if you're in need of more:

· $14.9 Million Exquisite Mediterranean Mansion In Nashville, TN [Homes of the Rich]