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Finally! Landscape Paintings With Quotes from House Hunters

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Fact: HGTV's House Hunters is jam-packed with "dangerous misinformation about homebuying," to the point that sitting through any of its painfully staged 22-minute docudramas will teach you more about the travails of modern monogamy than successfully navigating the real estate market. But that hasn't stopped internet-age dadaist Morgan Milders from cribbing a bit of unfiltered wisdom from the series. In one delightfully dissonant series, Milders takes thrifted landscape paintings and overlays them with quotes from the doe-eyed, innocuous couples that star in the show, giving us such mouths-of-babes aphorisms as "I love the open floor plan," "We'll have to get rid of this wallpaper," and "I don't know... I was shopping for stainless steel appliances and granite countertops." The kitsch of bygone generations has finally been united in analogue memedom with the soul-dead televised ephemera of this one, and the result might be even more glorious than this supercut of House Hunters couples eating things. Acquaint yourself with a few more highlights below:

· New Work Morgan Milders [official site via BuzzFeed]