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Turns Out Charred Wood Furniture is the Coolest Thing Ever

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While most people prefer to buy their furniture uh, not burnt to a crisp, the stunning work of Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant might just change everyone's collective mind. Created as part of the designer's Born 2B Burn series, Galant has formulated a patented system for charring his wooden furniture to the desired blackened look, without totally ruining the pieces. The trick, in his words, is to charr the wood at temperature of 2000°F so that "the short-term influence of high temperature carbonizes surfaces with proper color and texture, while the wood core still remains undamaged." A bit of self-created finish, along with a smidge of varnish et voilà, an unusable, ultra-rad piece as good as any in the high-design furniture realm.

Head over to Freshome for the full story.

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