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The 13 Strangest Google Office Tidbits Debuted in 2013

Some say less is more. Google says less is corporate. You know what's not corporate? Slides. Orange groves. Picnic tables. Surfboards. Whether or not Google's theory about "communication landscapes" is made better by its notoriously quirky approach to office design—koi fish tiles! Marge Simpson wigs! cobble-stone corridors!—could probably be debated (at the canoe conference table, or perhaps the upside-down set-up on the ceiling?) until the cows come home, but here's what we know for sure: every piece of insane crap they put in their office makes the brand, which already has us hooked by the mouth for their ultra cool Google Maps projects, that much more fascinating. And so, may we present the year's kookiest office decor items, conjured by the young-at-heart design wizards Google hires.

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