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This Dramatic Soap Opera Is Shot Guerilla-Style at an Ikea

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As if Ikea wasn't capable of drumming up enough high drama on its own, the renegade folks behind Ikea Heights—a soap opera shot entirely within the confines of a Burbank, Calif. Ikea—are adding to innumerable KLIPPANs their own brand of campy goodness. The many quizzical onlookers would suggest the troupe shot the whole thing without Ikea's permission—after all, renegade actors would not be the strangest thing to sneak into an Ikea—and somehow that only ups the production value. The first episode of the guerrilla-style production finds the cast utilizing desk displays as faux office buildings, executing murders with synthetic throw pillows, and committing all sorts of adultery on MALM beds. Really, what is it about Ikea store that encourages such madcap creativity? Anyway, the Ikea Heights crew managed to film six episodes—making full use of the free sets—which are all up for the watching on Youtube. The pilot, below:

The Video:

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