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This Building in Madrid is Covered in 150 Security Cameras

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Well, it sure didn't take long for SpY, the Madrid-based street artist known as the "Spanish Banksy," to pull off something more interesting than anything Banksy did during his month-long residency in New York City. As Design Boom tells it, the urban provocateur recently planted 150 fake CCTV cameras on the side of an unassuming grey building in Madrid, as if creating the surveillance state nightmare inversion of beautiful, greenery-enshrouded façade. Of course, Banksy has touched on this subject matter a few times before, but there's only so many overexerted metaphors one can take before they become old hat. You heard it here first—sheer force of repetition is in!

SpY is known for focusing his energies on urban 'interventions'—small things, like replacing, say, a public phone with a banana, or screwing with the lines on a tennis court—which by his account, "want to be a parenthesis in the automated inertia of the urban dweller. They are pinches of intention, hidden in a corner for whoever wants to let himself be surprised." Have a look:

· SpY installs 150 fake surveillance cameras on building facade [Design Boom]