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Totally '90s 'Temple of the Muses' is Back, Wants $3.395M

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Designed by Cho Yiu Kwan back in 1993 (no surprises there) this so-called Temple of the Muses has coyly flitted on and off the market for some time now, first listed for $2.975M back in February 2011, only to return (with gusto!) in August of that year, asking a jacked up $3.5M. Now—at long last—everyone's favorite Crayola castle/technicolor dream house/Nickelodeon gameshow set piece is back on the market once again, this time for $3.395M. If you can get past the, uh, structure's design—or what the brokerbabble euphemistically offers up as the "absolutely one-of-a-kind architectural creation" with "a playful floor plan"—this 7,600-square-foot manse offers such luxe amenities as a private theater, (murky green) pond, tennis court, and sculpture garden. There's also a private elevator to transport buyers to its three floors, and—admittedly—some supremely lovely views.

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