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Eye-Popping, Mind-Bending Lakeside Iowa Home Asks $14.9M

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Location: Spirit Lake, Iowa
Price: $14,900,000
The Skinny: The brokerbabble for this strange wonderland of a home does not come close to overselling it when it states that the house, known as Peace Harbor, is "one of the most astounding properties to ever be offered on West Okoboji." Just so. (And if there is a more astounding property in West Okoboji, oh how we would dearly love to see it.) The decor alone—Miro meets Calder by way of Courtyard by Marriott—is a mind-boggling proposition, but the home's full-size Irish pub truly elevates Peace Harbor into the realm of the amazing. Why is there an Irish pub? This gigantic lakeside estate is built for entertaining: its owners are Tom and Molly Bedell of Two Old Hippies and Bedell Guitars fame, and events held at the home through the years have ranged from political fundraisers to a Vince Gill concert. The listing is asking $14.9M for the 24,876-square-foot compound, and completists should note that the couple's Peace Ranch outside Aspen is on the market for a reported $49.5M.

· 16216 Highway 86 []