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New Jackson Hole Early Access Program Gets You Powder, But is Crazy Expensive

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Jackson Hole is implementing a new first tracks program, but beware, it's pricey. For $175 skiers can board the Bridger Gondola between 8:30-8:45 am and wait at the top for the mountain to open. Once ski patrol clears the mountain for skiing (usually around 9:00 am), powder hounds will have access to as many runs as they can ski while the rest of the world is just starting to load the lifts. Reservations are required and the $175 price tag doesn't include a lift ticket. Seems like a lot of dough to be on the mountain 30 minutes before everyone else. Only 20 people can reserve an early access spot per day, but tell us, Curbediverse, is it worth it?
· Early Gondola Access [Jackson Hole]