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Canadian Pipeline Ignites Firestorm of Debate in Whistler

An epic battle is brewing over the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia and the ski town of Whistler is smack dab in the middle of it all. After over a decade of debate and controversy, a Canadian federal panel approved the energy company Enbridge's plans to build a $6.5-billion, 1,177-kilometre pipeline across Canada's Northwest coast. The project still faces major hurdles, including meeting 209 conditions and appeasing a long list of environmental groups. In Whistler, both the town council and the Whistler Chamber of Commerce have come out publicly against the pipeline, arguing that the project puts Whistler's tourism at risk. Even though the pipeline is far to the north of the resort town, Whistler council members fear the impact of potential oil spills on both the environment and public perception of the region. The federal government now has 180 days to make a final decision.
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