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There's an Ultra-Modern Home Hiding in This Water Tower

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In a decidedly more cozy and, uh, less boxy renovation then past water tower projects out there, architect Mauro Brigham—of Bham Design Studio in Brussels, Belgium—created a modern family home out of this so-called
Chateau d'eau, a structure built sometime between 1938 and 1941. The exterior of the Steenokkerzeel home was the first to receive a makeover back in 2007, not at all changed from its original design, but rather restored to a better state. Inside, though, the 98-foot tower appears totally different, boasting six renovated floors.
Much of the home is awash in white, accented with blocky furniture, beach wood installations, and the occasional reminder of the building's past life—like a large now-defunct faucet and drain pipe tucked away in the bathroom. According to Brigham, the home is meant to serve as both a private residence and event space, and is subsequently "equipped with the latest IT technology, domotics and the possibility to install projectors virtually anywhere on the top floor." Still, quirky details like chalkboard painted walls and the coolest cat-door ever (seriously) keep the home from feeling sterile or corporate. My Modern Met has the full story.

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