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Forget Snow Cams, Aspen Measures Snowfall With Cute Dogs

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Vail Resorts might have new snow stake cams this year, and Aspen's new Roundshot high-definition cameras are gorgeous, but the best way to measure snow is with dogs. Cute dogs. Meet Rudy Doodle. He's the latest star of the Aspen/Snowmass marketing team headed up by Dave Amirault. And when the Roaring Fork Valley gets pounded with snow, the 10 month old pup Rudy Doodle heads out to play. The latest photo posted by Dave Amirault and Aspen/Snowmass on December 4 shows snow so deep Rudy needs a snorkel. Clearly, snow stake cams might be more accurate, but we'll take a storm measured in snow-loving Rudy Doodles any day.

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