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Revamping a Montreal Storefront Into a Peekaboo Apartment

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This ground-floor apartment is eye-catching for all the right reasons, but potentially for some of the wrong ones, too, depending on your level of comfort with mild exhibitionism. Converted from a storefront by Montreal-based designer Anne Sophia Goneau, this consummately glossy living space embodies a less-is-more ethos in pretty much every facet of its minimalist design, especially in the "one less wall" part. Through that big plate of glass, the living room, kitchen, and dining room are completely exposed to the street, which could easily lead to some potentially awkward encounters with passersby. But if you could keep your mind from going right to "zoo animal" every time a stranger tapped on the glass, it would make for a stunning enclosure, with raw brick walls and exposed I-beams that contrast nicely with the immaculate look of every other surface. Go ahead, they clearly want you to peek:

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